• A United Kingdom pandemic response

    programme for cancer patients

We safeguard cancer patients from coronavirus 

The UK Coronavirus Cancer Programme (UKCCP) is one of the longest running and most successful pandemic response programmes for cancer patients.  Our mission is to safeguard, evaluate and protect cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic through population-scale real world evaluations.  

A global impact United Kingdom programme  

We bring unparalleled expertise and resources from across the United Kingdom to provide the highest quality evaluations required to reduce the risk of coronavirus to cancer patients to population levels.

Our global impact is delivered by over 250 individuals who have contributed from our 86 cancer centres.

A portfolio of the highest quality evaluations  

Our projects have demonstrated how to deliver safe cancer care during the pandemic. We have also delivered the scientific evidence for approaches and strategies to maximise patients safety. You can find out about our projects here:

The cancer pandemic response

Our network won’t plan to stop until the pandemic is over . We want to reduce the risk to cancer patients. We can’t do this alone. Let’s work together to help people with cancer.

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“The ability of this cancer research programme to consistently deliver high impact publication is remarkable. The UKCCP has successfully delivered 13 academic evaluations across 10 research projects since 2020”

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