COVID – Safe prescribing of oncological therapies (COV-SPOT)

The COV-SPOT initiative will help define how we can deliver the safest level of prescribing of cancer treatment during the pandemic

The COVID-19 Safe Prescribing of Oncological Treatment Initiative is a nationally prioritised evaluation to deliver definitive evidence to guide clinical decisions for patients who are undergoing treatments and have recently tested positive for COVID-19.

We need to do this because increasing numbers of cancer patients are testing positive for COVID-19. Many have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, especially in the vaccinated cohort. Awaiting negative PCR swabs before considering further treatment may lead to treatment delays, and this could cause issues to cancer patients.

This project build on national guidance from that advises:-

We will analyse key areas of clinical uncertainty including

1. treatment of asymptomatic vaccinated individuals with a positive test

2. treatment of LFD-ve/PCR +ve individuals

3. Coronavirus outcomes when giving chemotherapy to those with rapidly progressive cancers and a positive PCR test.

By additionally evaluating safe timing to restart treatments and a review of the risk of coronavirus re-activation on cancer therapy restart by patient demographic/treatment types, our project will provide the data required for safe cancer prescribing and care during the coronavirus pandemic.