NCCAS: Charity/Support group partnership

The national COVID Cancer antibody survey is only possible with the help of a large network of dedicated individuals working within charities and support groups to accelerate the understanding of the role of antibody testing and levels of protection following COVID-19 infection and vaccination.

We have received funding from Blood Cancer UK and have partnered with 31 cancer charities and support groups who are proving to be a game-changer in terms of their partnership.

We would like to thank the following non-exhaustive list of charities and cancer support groups in no particular order for their incredible work to date. Without their support, the survey would not be possible.

CharityWith notable special thanks
Blood Cancer UKRachel Kahn
Helen Rowntree
NCRI Consumer forumEmma Kinloch
Malcolm Rhodes
Emily Lam
Gillian Murphy
Kate Robinson
Anthony NolanYasmin Sheikh
Tom Bishop
Lymphoma ActionVictoria Gregory
MDS patient supportSophie Wintrich
Bowel Cancer UKLisa Wilde
Myeloma UKSarah McDonald
Ira Laketic-Ljubojevic
Caroline Donoghue
The Brain Tumour CharityKate Roberts
Leukaemia CareElla Guthrie
Ovarian Cancer ActionGeorgina Tharp
OcuMel UKJo Gumbs
Prostate Cancer Research
TYA with cancer
Leukaemia Care
Penny Bohn UK
Melanoma Focus UK
Teenage Cancer Trust
Pancreatic Cancer UK
Mesothelioma UK
Fight Bladder Cancer
CLL support
Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce
British Liver trust
Coping with Cancer NE
Surrey Info Point
Healthwatch Camden
Belfast Hour
Cancern North
Cancer Watch