UK Paediatrics Oncology Coronavirus Project: About

The UK Coronavirus cancer monitoring scheme is a clinician-led reporting project supported to enable tracking of paediatric oncology patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 across the United Kingdom.

The aims of this project are to ensure excellent cancer care continues to be delivered across the country and to accurately identify risk and best practice for our patients.

The project will collect information about prevalence of COVID-19 infections with associated anonymised data about site of disease and mortality. A newly formed, state-of-the-art network of “cancer COVID-19 response reporting clinicians” will enable exquisite insight into the impact of this disease on our cancer patients.  

This project was launched by Prof Pam Kearns (University of Birmingham) on the 27th of March following discussion with Dr Lennard Lee who runs the UK Coronavirus cancer monitoring project. Full project launch was achieved on the 5th of April with the help of Dr Gerard Millen, Ms Emily Protheroe, Dr Helen Curley and Dr Karin Purshouse.

Each centre has a Emergency response reporting individual (ERRI- see below) who is supported by a Local Emergency Response reporting group (LERRG). 

If you wish to report a case at your centre, please contact your local ERRI (see below). 

It is believed that this information will help paediatric oncologists around the United Kingdom to identify the risk to paediatric oncology patients about COVID-19 and help provide the highest levels of care. Furthermore, this can be an important tool to let us understand how we best adapt cancer care during this pandemic. Search:

Paediatric Oncology CentreEmergency Response Reporting Individual
Alder Hey Children”s HospitalBarry Pizer
Birmingham Children’s HospitalGerard Millen
Bristol Royal Hospital for ChildrenEmma Seaford
Cambridge University HospitalJohannes Visser
Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick ChildrenMark Brougham
Glasgow Royal Hospital for Sick ChildrenDermot Murphy
Great North Children’s HospitalTasnim Arif
Great Ormond Street Children’s HospitalSara Stoneham
John Radcliffe Children’s HospitalTory Howard
Leeds General InfirmaryBob Phillips
Leicester Children’s HospitalEmma Ross
Nottingham Children’s HospitalRichard Grundy
Royal Aberdeen Children’s HospitalFiona Herd
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick ChildrenLyndsey Thompson
Royal Manchester Children’s HospitalAnthony Penn
Royal Marsden HospitalLynley Marshall
Sheffield Children’s HospitalFiona Davies
Southampton General HospitalJuliet Gray
The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for WalesMaddi Adams
University College London HospitalSara Stoneham