The UKCCMP is a clinician-led reporting project to enable monitoring of cancer patients across the United Kingdom.

Our aims are to ensure that we learn from every case to ensure that the highest quality cancer care can be delivered across the country, mitigating the unfortunate effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The project collects information about prevalence of COVID-19 infections with associated anonymised data about site of disease and mortality through our COVID-19 response reporting network. 

It is unique in providing the first example of Live Clinical Data Dissemination System during this pandemic. This enables direct real-time daily updates back to individual Cancer Centres.

This system is coordinated by the Centre for Computational Biology allowing annotation, analysis and dissemination securely through a dedicated workflow hosted by the Compute and Storage for Life Science (CaStLeS) infrastructure as part of the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research local Cloud (BEARCloud). A pushed near-real-time update is generated daily to an interactive website and reports are sent to individual UK Cancer Centres and clinicians at a weekly basis . 

The project is co-led by Dr Lennard Lee (University Hospitals Birmingham), Prof Rachel Kerr (Oxford University Hospitals) and Prof Gary Middleton (University Hospitals Birmingham),

Why did this project happen?

Cancer teams across the UK are worried about the impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer. This project aims to bring together our cancer community to understand more about COVID-19 and its impact on those with cancer. Our hope is that this will facilitate shared learning as efficiently and effectively as possible for all patients with cancer across the UK.

Are haematology patients included in this dataset?

Yes, our data collection tool has now been updated to include haematology cases and ensure the data collected is meaningful to this cohort of patients. In depth analyses of the haematology project is being done through our UK Haematology cancer COVID monitoring project

Can I get involved with the running of the project?

This project is was run by a team of volunteers from across the UK – doctors, nurses, graphic designers, scientists, students all working out of hours and pro-bono. It is a testament of the ability of the Cancer Community to pull together. This project is now complete, however, if you want to get involved in running the project, there may be scope to do so in other projects– send your details through the contact form outlining what skills you would like to volunteer. It may be that we require certain skills as the project evolves and this will allow us to involve people in the right places.